Nitrogen Polska

Poland and Hungary have traditionally been strategic partners in the economic and commercial area. Geographical location, economic potential and long-term strong relations are encouraging the growth of business between the countries. Nitrogen Polska sp. z o.o. is a Polish representative of the Hungarian concern Bige Holding and a sole distributor of its fertilisers manufactured in two plants: Nitrogénművek Zrt. in Petfurdo (nitrogen fertilisers) and Bige Holding Kft in Szolnok (compound NPK fertilisers). Bige Holding is as a strategic supplier for Hungary’s agriculture. The company has initiated multiple investments in the recent years to modernise its manufacturing technologies meeting environmental protection requirements, hence improving the quality of products and packing methods. Fertilising products offered by the Holding conform to all the EU standards and requirements and Polish regulations regarding fertilisers and fertilisation.

Poland is the 10th country in the row where the Hungarian concern Bige Holding – a manufacturer of mineral fertilisers - launches its export operations. For the process of entry into the Polish market to be effective, Bige Holding’s management decided to register Nitrogen Polska company in Poland. Nitrogen Polska’s presence is definitely improving the competitiveness of fertilising products, creating a possibility for Polish farmers to choose from a wider range of products and suppliers.

Nitrogen Polska’s strategic objectives:

• building a position of an established and credible partner at the Polish fertiliser market
• developing a portfolio of the fertilisers produced
• and diversification of export sales markets for the Hungarian concern
As a company representing the Hungarian plants in Poland we guarantee a high and repeatable quality of products, robust and aesthetic packages, modern customer service while maintaining the commercial offer’s competitiveness for customers.

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